El Hotelito at The Rainforest Experience Farm


The green mountains of El Yunque Rainforest border this 25 acre tropical flower farm whose fusion of colourful exotic flowers are the backdrop for this colonial inn just minutes from the town of Fajardo on the east coast of Puerto Rico. Enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean to the North, the Spanish Virgin Islands to the East, Culebra and Vieques, and beyond these on a clear day you can also see St Thomas and the British Virgin Islands.Magnificent Caribbean architecture and colonial elegance create a perfect balance with comfortable plantation furniture and exceptional service along with a unique menu of Caribbean/International dishes and exotic drinks.

El Hotelito is a Sustainable Eco-Boutique Hotel. All of our electricity comes from renewable clean energy, in our case solar and wind power. We designed El Hotelito to get disconnected from the rest of the world, our rooms DO NOT have TV's, not air conditioners, or fans or any other modern electronic other than LED lights. The design is all open air with large open windows designed to let the breeze and sounds of nature into your life. With that said our hotel is better enjoyed by the outdoor and nature enthusiast looking for a quiet get away from the daily hustle of city life. Our grounds are completely private and we enjoy only our guests' company.

About Us

We appreciate nature and take pleasure in its simplicity and bounty. Relax in one of Puerto Rico's most beautiful settings and enjoy all it has to offer. All your vacation can be spent on the property if you really want to relax and rejuvenate. We cherish our little niche on the mountains and invite you to join us. The main house consists of 7 spacious rooms, a dining room with bar, living room and a library. All open onto the lawn swimming pool. Relax in the peace and quiet while enjoying the sound of the wind in the trees on one of the chaise lounges or swaying in a hammock in this tranquil retreat.

El Hotelito is part of the Rainforest Experience Farm, a flower farm with 25 acres of tropical flowers planted over the last 20 years.Our hotel has been planned and designed for the enjoyment of individuals with strong ecological interests and a need for peaceful coexistence with nature. ALL of our electricity is solar, the water comes from rain and a well, and the entire farm is completely organic and always has been! Nature is the richer for our efforts and planning! With miles of small trails winding through the flower beds and hillsides, this is an amazing feat of landscaping.


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